• Gaming for Equality: Komma Lika Finds a Friendly Way to Raise Awareness at Home


    Everybody wants the revolution, but nobody wants to do the dishes … or the laundry … or the grocery shopping … or take out the trash. Specifically, women disproportionally perform the majority of domestic labour in contemporary households. That is why Swedish feminist Maria Loohufvud invented the new game Komma Lika: to find a fun yet concrete way to demonstrate the persistent unequal division of domestic labour with the aim of changing it.

  • First Nations in the Crosshairs

    Canadian Politics

    The Harper government’s agenda of aggressively expanding and accelerating resource extraction projects has identified Indigenous Peoples as the primary obstacle to this vision. As a result, since 2006, the Canadian state has intensified surveillance of Indigenous people, groups, and peaceful political action. This surveillance is carried out by a web of police, intelligence agencies, government bureaucracies, regulators and private corporations.

  • Israel-Palestine: It’s Time to Abandon the Two-State Solution

    Middle East

    Rights activist Jeff Halper sees potential collapse of conflict as an opportunity to explore a one-state resolution.

  • EU’s military strategy to deepen Mediterranean tragedies

    Human Rights

    According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), between 23,000 and 24,000 migrants had tried to cross over to Italy since the beginning of the year, while just under 21,000 migrants made the same journey between January and April 2014. While the number of migrants rose to some extent, migrants perishing at sea have hit the roof.

  • Polarizing Development

    Economic Crisis

    Alternatives are assessed by the extent to which they enable the fulfillment of social aspirations for an equal and just existence free from exploitation and oppression. They reveal the contours of different and better possible forms of social development; the nature and varieties of neoliberalism; and the forms alternatives must take.

  • From FAILURE20 to COP21


    Time is ripe for a massive mobilization of social forces from below to put pressure on our political leaders. Trade unions will have to play a decisive role in such a mobilization. It is a question of what kind of society we want to develop. It is a question of having a just transition to a society based on clean and renewable energy.

  • Wars and displaced persons camps, in Ukraine and in Haiti


    I am pleased that the leaders of the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics are rejecting the idea of foreign military intervention into eastern Ukraine under the guise of ‘peacekeeping’. Intervention and war cannot bring meaningful development, not for Donbass and not for Ukraine as whole. Only deepgoing political and social change in favour of the working class majority of the country can do that.

  • Greece on a knife edge


    Greece cannot stand to continue with austerity. It has already reached its farthest limits, after the standard of living has collapsed, and with it, the dignity of the Greek people. This will have to be understood by the creditors. Otherwise, the time of conflict and rupture will not be far off.

  • A Nation of Snitches

    Human Rights

    Totalitarian states record even the most banal of our activities so that when it comes time to lock us up they can invest these activities with subversive or criminal intent. And citizens who know, because of the courage of Edward Snowden, that they are being watched but naively believe they “have done nothing wrong” do not grasp this dark and terrifying logic.

  • Make the Rich Panic

    Social Movements

    The veneer of power appears untouched before a revolution, but the internal rot, unseen by the outside world, steadily hollows out the state edifice. And when dying regimes collapse, they do so with dizzying speed. Upheaval is coming. The people must be prepared. If we are, we will have a chance.

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