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Yves Engler

  • Liberals use ‘human rights’ to push coup in Venezuela

    As part of their effort to overthrow Nicolas Maduro’s government, Ottawa has funded and promoted a slew of groups and individuals critical of human rights in Venezuela. And a recent report by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights gave a boost to Canada’s faltering coup bid in that South American country. Overseen by former social democratic Chilean president Michelle Bachelet, the report paints Venezuelan security forces as extremely violent and the government as politically repressive.

  • Ottawa supports status quo in original banana republic

    Ten years ago, Ottawa tacitly supported the Honduran military’s removal of elected president Manuel Zelaya. During the past decade Canada has strongly allied itself to those backing the coup who continue to rule the Central American country. It was not until almost every country in the hemisphere denounced the June 28, 2009, coup that Ottawa finally did so but Canada did not explicitly call for Zelaya’s return to power.

  • Meet the hired gun Ottawa is using to overthrow the Venezuelan government

    Recently Global Affairs Canada tendered a contract for an individual to coordinate its bid to oust Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro. Canadian taxpayers are paying a hardline pro-corporate, pro-Washington, former diplomat hundreds of thousands of dollars to coordinate the Liberal government’s bid to oust Venezuela’s government. Surely, there is someone in the House of Commons willing to inquire about Canada’s Elliot Abrams?

  • Trudeau government squeezes Cuba

    Recently, the Canadian Embassy in Havana closed its Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship section. Now, most Cubans wanting to visit Canada or get work or study permits will have to travel to a Canadian embassy in another country to submit their documents. In some cases Cubans will have to travel to another country at least twice to submit information to enter Canada. The draconian measure has already undercut cultural exchange and family visits.

  • Why is Ottawa aligning itself with Venezuela’s most anti-democratic elements?

    Not only has Canada financed and otherwise supported opposition parties in Venezuela, Ottawa has allied itself with some of its most anti-democratic, hardline elements. While the Liberal government has openly backed Voluntad Popular’s bid to seize power since January, Ottawa has supported the electorally marginal party for years. Venezuelans require a vibrant opposition that challenges the government. They don’t need Canada to boost an electorally marginal party that drives the country into increasing conflict.

  • Green leader May supports same old pro-imperialist foreign policies

    While she’s criticized some Canadian foreign policy decisions, May rarely strays far from the liberal establishment worldview. In laying out her party’s 2015 election position in Esprit de Corps magazine May wrote, “the world needs more Canada” and argued, “we should also support the United Nations’ ‘responsibility to protect’ doctrine”, which was used to justify bombing Libya in 2011 and ousting Haiti’s elected government in 2004. In her article May also bemoaned that “defence expenditures are headed to an unprecedented low.”

  • Canada’s defence minister promoting arms sales to anti-democratic, repressive regimes

    Canada’s current Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan heads a ministry intimately tied to a globally oriented corporate weapons industry that profits from war. Is this something Canadians understand and support? Or would the majority of us be upset to learn their Minister of Defence is an arms pusher, promoting sales to anti-democratic, repressive regimes?

  • Canada gets cozy with repressive Middle East monarchies

    The amicable relationship between the Trudeau government and repressive Middle East monarchies like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates demonstrates how little the Liberals care about democracy abroad. It also reveals the duplicity of Canada’s claim that its efforts to oust the Maduro government in Venezuela is all about supporting democracy.

  • No golden era in Canada’s foreign policy

    Linking criticism of current policy to a mythical “golden era” is motivated by ideology and tactical considerations. Many leftists simply can’t think outside the benevolent foreign policy box. At the tactical level, it isolates the issue and is supposed to elicit a “this isn’t the Canada I know” reaction. But, structuring criticism in this way downplays the structural character of the problem and distorts the past.

  • As Israel’s racism grows, more Canadian Jews turn against it

    An Independent Jewish Voices and United Jewish People’s Order commissioned EKOS poll found that 37 percent of a random sample of 359 Jewish Canadians surveyed have a negative opinion of the Israeli government, 31 percent oppose the military blockade of Gaza and 30 percent think Palestinians’ call for a boycott of Israel is reasonable.

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