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Yves Engler

  • Our treatment of Venezuela shows Canada is long overdue for a foreign policy restart

    Trudeau and Trump’s efforts to stoke a revolt are having an ever-greater impact on the lives of ordinary Venezuelans, 40,000 of whom are estimated to have died between 2017 and 2018 as a result of punitive sanctions. At the same time, Guaidó’s chances of taking power are slimmer today than at any point since he claimed the presidency. Still, the Trudeau government has maintained its support for Washington’s regime change efforts.

  • The scandal is us, not WE

    The most concerning element of the WE Charity scandal is not that Justin Trudeau aided an organization with ties to his family, but rather the backing of an organization that is a caricature of white saviourism. The real scandal is that all of the corporations, media organizations, schools, and celebrities that enabled WE have also done so at the service of Canadian imperialism.

  • Trudeau government remains silent on corruption and repression in Haiti

    One way to evaluate the seriousness of the Trudeau government’s stated objectives in seeking to oust Venezuela’s elected government is to examine their policies elsewhere in the region. While the Liberals talk about upholding the “rules-based international order,” democracy and human rights in Venezuela, they ignore these lofty ideals in Haiti.

  • Remembering the US invasion of Haiti—105 years later

    While remembering their past has not prevented history from repeating itself, it is not possible for the descendants of the world’s first successful slave revolt to forget the trauma inflicted on them by their northern neighbours. 105 years ago today, a brutal occupation of Haiti by the United States began. It would last for almost two decades.

  • Canada’s relationship with China rooted in a century-old tradition of imperial violence

    While most of the media frame conflict with China in Manichean, us-versus-them terms, past and present actions by Canada and other Western states reveal a centuries-old pattern of colonialism, imperialism, military threats, diplomatic isolation and other forms of aggressive behaviour aimed at weakening and ‘containing’ the world’s most dynamic and populous economy.

  • Israel lobby waging campaign to silence progressive, pro-Palestinian restaurant

    The Israel lobby has waged a remarkably successful campaign to bankrupt a small left-wing Toronto restaurant. Despite claiming to fight bigotry, it is the Israeli nationalists who have been guilty of the most overt racism and arguably taken the most anti-Jewish positions in their protests against the eatery.

  • Canadian foreign policy nationalism must be named and challenged

    It is easy to love your country. The messages encouraging patriotism are everywhere, and they fulfill a need to belong. But nationalism in Canada’s foreign policy is a major obstacle to a more just world. Indeed, the prevailing notion that Canada is a leader in global peacekeeping operations presents a stark example of how nationalism stunts common sense.

  • Canada’s membership in the Five Eyes alliance promoting conflict with China

    In recent weeks movements in different countries have toppled statues and put the police and other institutions upholding systemic racism on the defensive. Yet, amidst unprecedented protests against racism, there has been remarkably little interest in the white supremacist foreign policy alliance currently driving conflict with China.

  • Should Canadian foreign policy be enmeshed with mining interests abroad?

    Should Canadian foreign policy continue to be enmeshed with mining interests abroad? That is one of ten questions put forward in an open letter calling for a “fundamental reassessment of Canadian foreign policy” following Canada’s second consecutive defeat for a seat on the United Nations Security Council.

  • In the struggle against racism and police violence, we can’t forget the victims of imperialism

    In the struggle against racism and police violence we need to enlarge our circle of those who deserve our support to the entire world. The “cop problem” we face is intimately tied to the wealthy imposing their will on the majority. Reforms of the police are doomed to fail until we overthrow the unjust global economic order that requires force to maintain minority rule.

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