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  • Evo Morales didn’t resign, he was overthrown by a coup d’état

    Bolivia’s political and economic elite support this violence, as part of a resurgence of the far right in Latin America. Activists on the ground are currently getting smashed by these forces. We, the undersigned, denounce this violence, and preemptively denounce the violence that will inevitably escalate in the street.

  • An appeal to Green Party of Canada members

    Without international pressure, Israel will continue to steal Palestinian land, demolish olive groves, build Jewish-only roads, imprison without due process and impose collective punishment on innocent Palestinians. It will continue to violate international law and dominate a defenceless people. Canadians cannot wash their hands of Palestinians’ plight.

  • The Left’s Responses to the Crisis in Europe and North America

    A Panel discussion chaired by Greg Albo including Stephanie Ross, Leo Panitch, Bill Fletcher on the Left’s Response to the Crisis in North America and Europe.

  • CD Conversation on the Occupy Movement

    CD Collective members started a conversation about the potential of the Occupy Movement beginning with this question posed by Saul Landau. What’s your view? Join the conversation.

  • The Garden Path

    For many in the mainstream, the risks posed by climate change, while real, can be combated by a combination of new technology, market incentives to nudge industry towards greener production methods, and the greening of consumerism. Many ecologists, however, drawing on the findings of prominent climate scientists like James Hansen, dispute this view.

  • Reviews: 10 Movies That Were Way Better Than The Books

    It’s not that the books were completely terrible; more accurately, it’s that they weren’t realizing the full potential of the story. These movies are miles better than the books that spawned them, so much so that you might even forget they were books in the first place.

  • Web Exclusive: Bolivia’s Call From Cancun

    We the undersigned want delegates to show some humility and responsibility or pay the consequences in causing widespread and accelerating death

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