Our Times 3

Trevor W. Harrison

  • What the Fraser Institute Report Really Says About Public Sector Compensation

    The Fraser institute’s recent report states that public sector workers are greatly more compensated than their private sector counterparts and its implication that the Alberta government should look at public sector compensation in order to deal with the province’s financial problems. But is the argument valid?

  • When Will Alberta Stop Giving Away its Oil?

    For too many years, successive Alberta governments have sold off Alberta’s oil at fire sale rates. In doing so, they have let the vast potential of our resource gifts slip through our fingers. Consider only the following: In 1978, Albertans received 40 percent of revenues from the oil patch, but by 2009, this had fallen to 10 percent.

  • Does Anyone in Government Really Care About Canadian Jobs?

    The Canadian government has promoted the pipeline as creating thousands of jobs. But this is only during the construction phase. Enbridge’s own submission to the Joint Review Panel on the Northern Gateway pipeline suggests that the operations phase would create perhaps as few as 104 permanent jobs, and only 26 directly in Alberta. Give or take some other jobs involving regular maintenance and, sadly enough, dealing with environmental damages, Canada’s net benefit in shipping its raw bitumen seems negligible.

  • Taxes and the Ghost of Bob Blair

    Robert Blair–head of Nova Corporation and a very wealthy man–died in April 2009. Unusual in the oil and gas sector, he was also a staunch Canadian nationalist, refusing to let Nova join the Business Council on National Issues as he believed the organization with its free trade mantra threatened Canadian sovereignty.

  • How Would A Tory Majority Govern?

    The Harper Conservatives begin their quest to gain a majority government sporting numerous attributes, including money, organization, and five years in office. But among the party’s carry-on items is some serious baggage, including a reputation for ruthlessness and secrecy.

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