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Tom Parkin

  • Is Canada’s governor general just a rubber stamp for the PM?

    Only 26 percent of Canadians would be happy with an election this fall, according to a recent Nanos poll. But at the end of the first week of August, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may visit Governor General Mary Simon, asking her to dissolve parliament and hold a summer election. That the governor general will very likely grant the prime minister’s wish is one more sign that Canadian democracy needs a rethink.

  • Liberals could have worked with the NDP to ban conversion therapy—instead, they chose to play games with the Tories

    Conversion therapy is premised on the noxious idea that gay people are broken. Jurisdictions around the world have outlawed these pseudoscientific “therapies,” and similar legislation is long past due in Canada—so it is utterly despicable that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delayed his long-promised ban on the practice to put the interests of the Liberal Party ahead of those being victimized today.

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