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Thomas Walkom

  • No evidence Vladimir Putin was behind U.K. assassination

    Canada’s Justin Trudeau too has decried Russia’s “likely” involvement. The leaders’ careful use of the words “likely” and “plausible” reflects the fact that, to date, there is no hard evidence on who was behind the attack. Skripal, a former Soviet intelligence agent who had worked secretly for Britain’s MI6 during the 1990s, was probably not on Moscow’s Christmas card list.

  • Mel Hurtig and the renaissance of economic nationalism

    Today, there is little support for economic nationalism among Canadian business. Conversely, there is little desire among the general population to protect Canadian firms that ultimately don’t want protection. Canadians want trade. But they also want to be protected from economic chaos and run their own show. They want to be masters in their own home.

  • Stephen Harper has gone, but Harperism has not

    In short, much of Harper’s agenda seems destined to remain in place. That is a singular accomplishment for the Conservatives. And the future? The voters may have made a moral judgment about Stephen Harper, the aloof and mean-spirited autocrat. But Harperism — the set of policies that this autocrat championed — is far from dead.

  • Devastating election result requires Tom Mulcair’s NDP to again rethink its purpose

    Monday’s debacle comes hard on the heels of the NDP’s disastrous 2014 Ontario provincial campaign in which the party, under leader Andrea Horwath, lost three Toronto seats as well as its pivotal role in what had been a minority government.

  • This election campaign wasn’t about the economy

    Will Monday’s election be decided on the economy? Perhaps it will. But it’s equally likely the outcome will be decided by how Quebecers view the niqab or whether voters in the 905 region outside Toronto believe Harper’s claim that Trudeau wants to set up brothels in their neighbourhoods.

  • Stephen Harper’s meanness may backfire

    History shows that voters eventually tire of sourpuss politics. Ontario’s Mike Harris discovered that. Stephen Harper may soon too.

  • Canada’s new citizenship bill a Trojan horse

    Bill C-24 would give the Conservative government unprecedented authority to strip Canadians of their citizenship. It’s not just Omar Khadr who’ll be hit.

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