Our Times 3

Theresa Wolfwood

  • Mining activists killed in Mexico

    We are in Oaxaca, Mexico and hope to meet community activists opposing the destruction of their community life and environment by a Canadian mining company. The activist we planned to meet, Bernardo Vasquez Sanchez, was killed last night, March 15, 2012, and his brother and cousin were wounded.

  • Review: Canada and Israel: Building Apartheid

    Thousands of books describe various aspects of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict … This is the first book to focus on Canadian support for the dispossession of Palestinians, for a state based on one religion, and for the last major European colonial project.

  • Review: Beyond Palestine 101

    Dr. Nada Elia, academic and activist, a Palestinian from the Diaspora of millions, spoke in Victoria and Nanaimo recently. She said she was not going to give Palestine 101, we should all know the situation there by now.

  • Review: Atomic Accomplice: How Canada deals in deadly deceit

    Journalist Paul McKay has done his homework and reveals all in this comprehensive but easy to read exposé of our nuclear history. Add another bag of nails to the coffin of Canada’s image as “a nice peace loving country”.

  • The Chávez Code

    Golinger gives a passionate and meticulous presentation of a few recent years, which historians may one day see as the pivotal period of Latin American history – a time when U.S. power throughout the hemisphere began to crack and when Canadians have many concerns about “deep integration” with the U.S.

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