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Stefan Christoff

  • Fighting austerity in Québec is tied to Canada and colonialism

    Cracks in the fatality of austerity are quickly spreading outward on the streets in Montréal. Thousands and thousands are actively joining a growing grassroots protest movement that is bold, broad and powerful.

  • Cooperatives on stolen land?

    How central is decolonization to creating a cooperative movement? How can traditional structures of indigenous societies in Turtle Island serve as a foundation and also as inspiration for our current efforts to exit the social, economic and environmental violence of corporate capitalism? Stefan Christoff explores these questions with Indigenous activist Jarrett Martineau.

  • Listen to Chomsky’s Montréal discussion period

    Listen to the discussion period from Noam Chomsky’s Montréal lecture in Oct. 2013, a discussion that touches upon the reality of growing police repression in Montréal under the municipal law P-6 that bans free protest, to a clear denunciation of the pending Quebec secularist charter.

  • The War Against Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon

    This is a war waged against Palestinian refugees by the government of Lebanon. It is not waged through military campaigns and guerrilla battles as in the Lebanese civil war, but through policies and laws which are slowly choking the life from Lebanon’s Palestinian refugee camps.

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