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Saul Landau

  • Web Exclusive: Welcome to 2011 - The American Dream lives on while you’re sleeping

    Investors and traders celebrated the New Year, thinking the market will boom in 2011. The tens of millions unemployed, foreclosed or already homeless went to sleep early–to escape the pessimism that has descended on the middle and lower middle classes in much of the country.

  • Web Exclusive: Leaked Cuba memo to raise eyebrows

    A recently retired military intelligence officer submitted this memo to his former commander (Southcom)–copies to other appropriate agencies. Obama Administration officials ignored it. “Cuba is not on our agenda,” one said. One official surreptitiously mailed us a copy, which we share.

  • Web Exclusive: Visiting Gerardo in prison

    Gerardo Hernandez, one of the Cuban 5, is serving two life sentences for conspiracy to commit espionage and aiding and abetting murder.

  • Web Exclusive: A Cuban adventure with Lee Lockwood

    In July 1967, I met Lee Lockwood at the Mexico City ticket counter of Cubana de Aviacion. He had black curly hair, a confident almost smug look and he toted camera bags. Lee Lockwood died July 31, 2010. A great photographer and writer–a friend. I stare at his photo of Fidel, relaxed, lighting a Cohiba on my wall.

  • Mainstream media omits context and key facts on Cuba

    On July 8, the Washington Post lead story reported Cuba had released five political prisoners with assurances of forty-seven more to come in the near future. The Post story and its July 9 editorial omitted facts readers would need in order to understand the significance of the prisoner release.

  • Israel again gives Jews a bad name

    After Israeli commandos murdered nine people and wounded scores of others in international waters, I concluded that Israel continues to give Jews a bad name. “How did the latest fiasco happen?” ask incredulous Jews. I present my inside-the-brain-of-the-beast explanation.

  • Fouling the human nest

    After numerous oil spills (BP’s has caused more damage than previous ones), one might expect the media and politicians to pose the obvious question: What other species has chosen a system requiring energy and resource producers to shit in our collective nest?

  • The Pakistan mess

    Washington’s national security elite seethe and fume with resentment and frustration. Pakistan receives billions of U.S. aid dollars and remains a training ground for terrorists targeting the United States.

  • GM’s Con Game

    Above and beyond the spin used by GM and Treasury to convince taxpayers that GM had used its own profits to repay a public loan, the larger questions remain, ones not raised since the famous equation of GM’s interest with those of America.

  • SNCC 50 years later and the struggle continues

    On April 17, 2010, Attorney General Eric Holder told the 1,500 people assembled to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Student Non-Violent Corrdinating Committee (SNCC) at Shaw University in Raleigh North Carolina, “If not for SNCC, I would not be Attorney General. If not for SNCC, Barak Obama would not be President.”

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