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Saul Landau

  • The 1% solution in Europe

    Last month a Super Committee (12 Members of Congress) failed to decide–fortunately–our economic destiny: where our tax money would go–or not. Yes, capitalism failed again. And with it went democratic procedures in the political arena.

  • Afghanistan calling!

    Ten plus years ago, the United States (oops, NATO) invaded Afghanistan and quickly won the war against the militarily (technologically) inferior Taliban government. Washington and its allies followed their victory by quickly losing the occupation challenge. As George W. Bush and company invaded Iraq, the Taliban crept back from Pakistan and undid the American war victory.

  • Riots, demonstrations and new agencies of change

    An angry demonstration virus spreads to country after country in response to negligent and callous political leaders who have ignored the basic needs of their citizens.

  • Our successful democracy abroad

    The United States, as we learn from first grade on, represents the world’s best economy and most successful democracy because we live by the rule of law. And we rightfully tell other countries how they too can measure up to our standards–including how to deal with our terrorist foes. And we help them.

  • The good, the bad and the crazy

    The political elite and its stenographic media don’t classify types of terrorists. If they did we would get the good, the bad and the crazy.

  • Visiting Gerardo again

    A sign in one sealed chamber called the Victorville Prison a “humane, correctional” institution. At least the sign didn’t claim pigs could fly.

  • Cuba changing; US stuck

    President Obama and his advisers share with most of the mass media the same visual weakness when it comes to Cuba: they don’t see the obvious, the crucial facts and context that stare them in the face.

  • To Libya with God on our side

    Grabbing other people’s land and interfering in their affairs became as American as apple pie before the annexation of Texas, and “Manifest Destiny” as the engine of U.S. foreign policy.

  • Gross Stupidity: U.S.-Cuba policy for 50+ years

    On March 12, after a two day trial, a Cuban court sentenced Alan Gross to 15 years in prison for “acts against the independence and territorial integrity of the state” referring to his role in a “subversive project” designed by Washington “to undermine” Cuba’s government. Alan Gross actually acted his part in the Washington play designed 50-plus years ago.

  • Media loves massacres, not foreclosure stories

    The Tucson massacre yielded the media and politicians weeks of fodder for their nattering mills. Yes, Americans hate violence and love guns, just as we stand for peace and practice non-stop war. It’s not hypocrisy. We are two nations–at least–living under one crowded flag.

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