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Roger Annis

  • Smoke over the skies of North America is another climate change warning

    It’s high time to clear the political air. Time is running out to move decisively to save the planet and mitigate the worst of what capitalism’s greed and excess is delivering. The triple scourge facing humanity must be defeated. We need to mobilize like never before and blaze new paths to a society of peace, social justice and ecological harmony.

  • Wars and displaced persons camps, in Ukraine and in Haiti

    Overall, there is great uncertainty over the future of the homeland they call Donbas. It turns out, this is not an entirely new story. Many residents told us that the political crisis in Ukraine which came to a head in late 2013/early 2014 involves longstanding and unresolved issues.

  • Toronto Symphony cancels performances by Ukrainian-born pianist for anti-war views

    The following statement was released on Facebook on April 6 by the renowned Ukrainian-born classical pianist Valentina Lisitsa. It is in response to the decision of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra to cancel two performances by her with the symphony planned for April 8 and 9 of Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto #2.

  • Debating the Character of the Conflict Over Ukraine

    We’re seeing a continuation of NATO’s historic drive to weaken and isolate Russia, now in combination with the drive of the new, neo-conservative government in Kyiv to make a sharp turn to association with austerity Europe.

  • Russia and the war in eastern Ukraine

    Solidarity will assist in creating much-needed unity throughout Ukraine, in opposition to the billionaires who are running the country into the ground with their dirty civil war and dead-end, Europe-inspired austerity.

  • Popular rebellion deepens in eastern and southern Ukraine as NATO and the Kiev step up attacks

    A political crisis over the future of Ukraine has exploded in the past two months. It’s being driven by the longstanding efforts of the big imperialist countries to assert economic and military domination over the republics of the former Soviet Union and to weaken and marginalize rival Russia.

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