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Rodger Moran

  • Vancouver needs a real housing solution, not more for-profit exploits

    When the government allows corporations to decide the living conditions of its citizens, it is only the corporations that benefit. Left unchecked, developers will continue to squeeze working people out of urban centres, just as they have for the past several decades and more. Companies like Reliance use gimmicks like special pricing for essential workers to benefit themselves—any trickle-down gains for the average person are secondary.

  • Kenney’s incompetence costs lives

    Jason Kenney’s premiership was always going to cost Alberta a fortune, whether in dignity or in dollars. Few would have suspected his ineptitude would cost lives, but here we are. After lacklustre performances leading three different ministries during the Harper years, the MP for Calgary Midnapore set his eyes on leading his home province. Kenney’s best-before date is long past due.

  • What are the Liberals hiding this time?

    The Liberals are hiding information in contracts directly related to our health and well-being during a once-in-a-century global crisis. How much did the pharmaceutical giants charge us for life-saving vaccines? What were the delivery expectations? Who failed us? How can we make sure this doesn’t happen again? These are all questions that Canadians deserve answers to, particularly those who lost loved ones during the pandemic.

  • Israel’s actions endanger Jews everywhere

    As it stands, Israel is a racist, apartheid state that confers rights on Jews that it denies Palestinians, and its international support is deteriorating rapidly. As long as the Israeli state continues its repetitive violations of international law and maintains the oppression of its Arab minority, that support will ultimately disappear, putting Jews in Israel and around the world in increased danger.

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