Our Times 3

Robin Philpot

  • 50 years on, apologies due for imposition of War Measures Act

    Tommy Douglas was right to denounce the internment of Japanese Canadians under the War Measures Act in 1940. He was also dead right to denounce the act again in 1970, following two politically-motivated kidnappings by the Front de libération du Québec. 50 years on, the time has come for the Government of Canada to recognize this injustice and apologize.

  • Canada’s Glass House and Quebec’s Charter Debate

    The worst aspect of the Quebec’s Charter debate is the smug, self-righteous, paternalist, finger wagging of English Canada and the English media in Quebec. Canadians don’t realize that they live in a glass house and throwing stones can be dangerous. Self-examination and self-criticism might show that English Canada is a major part of the problem.

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