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Peter Globensky

  • So now what? From inconvenient to uncomfortable truths

    With the spotlight now so justly fixated on Black Lives Matter in Canada, why has the glare of that spotlight diminished to but a flickering shudder when it has come to highlighting the treatment of Indigenous peoples in Canada? Does our own history not suggest that now is also the time to give those issues the attention they justly deserve?

  • A Terrible Triage: How COVID-19 Speaks to Our Future

    These exceptional circumstances found all Canadians and the governments they elected woefully unprepared for its management and control. Hopefully, we will learn lessons from the many tragedies visited upon the elderly by this pandemic which will permit us to prepare for a very uncertain future. We do not want that perennial philosopher of our generation, Pogo the Possum, to prove prophetic: “We have met the enemy and he is us”.

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