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Paula Ethans

  • To eradicate misogyny, we must address online gender-based violence

    Online gender-based violence, from doxxing to deepfakes to real life massacres, are becoming increasingly common as technology embeds deeper into our lives, yet governments and tech companies seem to largely ignore this devastating, sometimes fatal, issue. If we are serious about eliminating misogyny, we need to include conversations about online gender-based violence and tech-facilitated violence.

  • Anti-maskers, the alt-right, and leftist messaging

    Last week, hundreds of people gathered in Winkler, Manitoba to publicly oppose their school division’s COVID-19 precautions. This was the latest anti-mask rally in a string of demonstrations across Canada in recent months. While the rallies themselves aren’t particularly threatening, the messaging being used by demonstrators is plucked straight from the lexicon of progressive social justice movements. And that is cause for concern.

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