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Pam Palmater

  • Trudeau’s ‘nation to nation’ relationship disappeared with empty budget promises

    If you are the kind that is ok with endless “first steps” or “its a start” or believe “every dollar counts” or “something is better than nothing” or “we better take what we can get” - then I’m sure the budget works for you. However, I think our children deserve better than this.

  • The ongoing legacies of Canadian genocide

    The question of whether the horrors committed upon Indigenous peoples by colonial and then Canadian officials can be called genocide often attracts a great deal of controversy. Most Canadians cling to the notion that genocide means something that happens to other people, in far away countries. It is far more difficult to accept that one’s own ancestors participated in the genocide of Indigenous peoples right here at home.

  • Stephen Harper and the myth of the crooked Indian

    Can you think of any Prime Minister, President or world leader that would withhold food, water, or health care as a bullying tactic to force its citizens into compliance with a new government law, policy or scheme? Can you ever imagine this happening in Canada? I don’t think most of us could.

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