Owen Schalk

  • Long live the old flesh! Biden’s foreign policy picks signal a return of the ‘Blob’

    The truth is, Biden offers nothing beyond the visceral vindication of Trump’s defeat. A quick overview of his potential foreign policy picks confirms that there will be a continuity of right-wing economic and military policy under his administration, and a total commitment to the old brand of awful that reigned in pre-Trump America. Biden’s campaign slogan might as well have been Death to MAGA! Long live the old flesh!

  • Prop 22 portends dismal future for gig workers in America

    Last week, all the richest liberals in California were celebrating—and not just Joe Biden’s victory. On November 3, Golden State residents voted on a ballot measure called Prop 22, a proposal which will have an enormous effect on the livelihoods of thousands of gig economy workers in the state. This means that, in California, many workers at Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Instacart, and Postmates are no longer considered “employees.”

  • Dispatch from Winnipeg, Canada’s newest COVID hotspot

    Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister and his cabinet have shown little interest in implementing the widespread, long-term restrictions necessary to stem community transmission. As cases continue to spiral out of control in the province, it is once again clear that the PC government is allowing private interests to run rampant over the needs of the people.

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