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Nick Fillmore

  • Struggling to manage your life? Our destructive system is likely to blame

    If Canadians were better informed by a comprehensive education system and a socially responsible mass media, the two women interviewed by the CBC would understand that they and millions of other stressed-out people are not primarily responsible for the near chaos in their lives.

  • Are our banks really safe?

    If Canada’s banking regulations are not substantially toughened by the time the next global financial crisis hits – yes, there will be another crisis – our Big Six banks may very well find themselves in serious trouble. Again.

  • NDP leadership candidates ducking biggest issue of our time

    How can a political party that calls itself “social democratic”, or even “progressive,” have a leadership campaign go on for several weeks without candidates—as far as I can determine—discussing the damaging force that capitalism has become?

  • Is Stephen Harper displaying fascist-like tendencies?

    The stepped-up authoritarian, anti-democratic manner Stephen Harper conducts himself since obtaining his Parliamentary majority nine months ago raises serious concerns about how far right he is planning to push the country in his effort to forever change the face of Canada.

  • NDPers dreamin’ of victory, ‘trash’ power sharing with Libs

    The year 2015 is a long-time away but, considering the many difficulties the NDP has to overcome to win, it is hard to understand why candidates who obviously care about the country would totally rule out the possibility of a coalition government.

  • Harper’s health scheme will mean ‘Goin’ Down the Road’ for Maritimers

    By dramatically changing the health care funding formula, is Prime Minister Stephen Harper showing little concern for the future of the Maritime provinces?

    The Health Accord “deal” that Harper practically threw in the face of the provinces and territories this week, not only cuts health funding for all the provinces starting in four years, but threatens to further widen the growing standard-of-living chasm between the “have” and “have not” provinces.

  • Dinner for two’ for first journalist who dares to explain Conservative ideology

    Nick Fillmore offers his personal thanks, and dinner on him, for the winning journalist and media organization that sees the light and understands the importance of telling the truth when it comes to the Harper Conservative government and its’ agenda!

  • Should we ‘take down’ the banks or try to save the best of capitalism?

    If Canada is to rid itself of the destructive neoliberal Conservatives, perhaps the best that we can do, given present conditions, is to push the New Democrats and Liberals to embrace some aspects of traditional liberalism and combine those policies with some tough, new measures to protect the public.

  • Crisis in the encampments

    If the movement decided to soften its approach and support President Obama, the President might be able to bring the still out-of-control financial sector under greater control, reverse some of the tax cuts given the rich and corporations over the past few years, and reduce the amount of funding the rich can put into the U.S. federal election process. In Canada, local groups could work hand-in-hand with existing, seasoned radical groups that have experience and financial resources.

  • Occupy Canada movement remains unscathed following phoney attack by Maclean’s

    Coyne’s poorly conceived attack on the only fresh progressive movement western countries have seen in many years does not reflect well on Maclean’s, but the magazine has published more than its share of shoddy articles in recent years.

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