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Murray Dobbin

  • From Israel to ISIS: Harper’s ‘Orwellian’ foreign policy

    It’s getting difficult to remember a time when the Canadian Parliament actually tried to make principled decisions regarding foreign policy and our place in the community of nations. But we should try. Perhaps a first step in returning to such a time was the decision of the NDP and Liberal Party to oppose Stephen Harper’s most recent ill-considered and cynical march to war with his decision of join the bombing of Iraq.

  • Why New Euro-Canada Treaty Is a Gift to Oil Firms

    By sheer coincidence the media has recently been filled with stories that reflect the parallel universes we seem to be living in. The first were the stories about the international climate summit and the huge climate march (and hundreds of smaller ones) that preceded it – punctuated by the launch of Naomi Klein’s powerful call-to-action book This Changes Everything: Capitalism Vs. the Climate adding to the power of the moment.

  • Work in the age of anxiety

    Working Canadians, from blue collar workers to middle class professionals to hamburger flippers are facing the worst economy insecurity, most stressful working conditions, the slowest increases in real income and the most cynical anti-worker governments literally since the 1930s. At the same time the 1% and the powerful corporations which make them rich have not been so privileged in terms of wealth, income and political power since the pre-crash 1920s.

  • Can the NDP challenge Harper on the economy?

    The NDP’s announcement that it will push for a national minimum wage if elected is good news and suggests that the party may finally be overcoming its decades-long aversion to engaging its Liberal and Conservative adversaries on the question of the economy.

  • Who Needs $80 Billion? Starve Us Some More!

    For years Stephen Harper often seemed at war with his own government, so consistently critical were reviews by its various independent oversight agencies. It seems that at least one “independent” body, the Parliamentary Budget Office, is now a little more PMO-friendly.

  • Stephen Harper’s ‘Strategic’ Path to Ruin

    Stephen Harper hates losing, maybe even more than he likes winning. If that’s the case he may well resign rather than face the humiliation of defeat on his single most important commitment.

  • Putin, petrorubles and our PM’s bad posture

    Stephen Harper’s embarrassing behaviour regarding the crisis in Ukraine misses the bigger picture: a Russia-driven shift in global currency allegiance that could devastate the economies of the U.S. and Canada. It’s a shift that Harper is helping with his rhetoric and actions.

  • Harper’s (Un)Fair Elections Act could be a useful crisis of democracy

    With the introduction of the "Fair Elections Act," the 2015 election could be purely about democracy itself, argues Murray Dobbin.

  • When it comes to political ideas, how big is ‘big’?

    We need a political party that puts forward big ideas, and the NDP is not fulfilling that role in its search for political power, argues Murray Dobbin.

  • Big oil’s chokehold on Canadian democracy

    The prime minister’s frightening decision to enlist the country’s security apparatus in the direct and immediate service of the oil industry makes clear that big oil is drowning democracy.

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