Our Times 3

Michael Bueckert

  • Did Canada’s former governor general have closer ties to apartheid South Africa than previously reported?

    The end of apartheid in South Africa brought about an unfortunate political amnesia within Canadian society. In those critical years when the imposition of sanctions against South Africa was being vigorously debated, the South African lobby was receiving support from a wide range of Canada’s economic and political elite. Today, it is as if those debates never happened. It is almost as if everyone had been on the same side all along.

  • Yes, the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism is intended to censor political expression

    Pro-Israel groups have long tried to shut down Palestine activism in the name of false anti-Semitism charges, but they hope that by implementing the IHRA working definition, institutions will be obliged to comply with their demands. If the IHRA definition is indeed enforced in a way that silences critics of Israel, it will be the definition’s intended outcome—the very thing it was built to do.

  • Canada is wrong to welcome the UAE-Israel deal

    Instead of easing diplomatic restrictions on Israel, the international community should be imposing economic and diplomatic sanctions on Israel as an incentive to dismantle the occupation and come to the negotiating table. The UAE’s opportunistic path is not likely to end division and conflict in the region and may in fact intensify and prolong it. This is not something that Canada should encourage.

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