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Megan Aiken

  • Do recent mandate letters signal a new direction in the opioid crisis?

    Federal policy on the opioid crisis continues to mainly be an effort to reduce stigma and decentralize drug policy to the provinces and territories. With the recent mandate letters, the clear message is that the federal government remains unwilling to begin dismantling the policies that now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, have catapulted the crisis into its deadliest phase yet.

  • Ottawa must intervene in closure of Alberta’s supervised consumption sites

    After a number of 2018 federal-level policy decisions, the accessibility of harm reduction measures like safe consumption sites for people who use drugs markedly affected the years-long opioid crisis. Yet, despite their effectiveness—backed by a high level of supporting scientific evidence—accessible harm reduction services are dependent on, and ultimately at the whim of, provincial governments.

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