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Max Haiven

  • Manslaughter charge for anti-Indigenous violence another win for colonial injustice in Thunder Bay

    Bushby’s trial is already a tragedy, no matter the outcome. But how is this crime connected to a broader system of settler colonial violence that snatches away so many Indigenous lives? And how can we move beyond the half-hearted rhetoric of reconciliation to imagine the real, substantial transformations that need to take place to ensure something like this never happens again?

  • Virality, Solidarity and Meme Warfare

    While cats worldwide are no doubt thrilled at the digital attention they always knew they deserved, humans, and especially labour and social justice activists, might have reason to be wary of the meme. It may reinforce some the worst tendencies of the Left and those who are easily tempted to imagine that our ability to change the world is merely a matter of engineering better PR and more widely broadcasting their righteous message.

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