Matthew Corbeil

  • Attacking the substance: A review of Young, Banerjee, and Schwartz’s ‘Levers of Power’

    In their new book Levers of Power: How the 1% Rules and What the 99% Can Do About It, Kevin Young, Tarun Banerjee and Michael Schwartz offer some counterintuitive advice to activists looking to make political change. While the book offers a rich and thought-provoking illustration of corporate political power, its strategic advice to activists needs to be scrutinized.

  • Oil and Alberta politics: Who’s funding the United Conservative Party?

    Led by former Harper-era cabinet minister and far-right evangelical Christian Jason Kenney, the UCP government is currently taking a sledgehammer to Alberta’s provincial state, gutting the province’s fiscal and regulatory capacities, attacking its public servants, and eliminating any and every barrier to the fossil fuel industry’s profits—the climate crisis notwithstanding.

  • Why We Shouldn’t Pay $1-Billion for the Ring of Fire

    The prospects for meaningful community development – or “prosperity” – for the 20,000 people of Ontario’s Far North seem remote indeed. Only sustained political action on the part of the communities themselves can ensure the transfer of any of the material benefits from industry, which will be only too happy to unload so many of the burdens.

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