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  • Five Ideas for Building the Manitoba Activist Left

    There are a number of existing and emerging initiatives that you can get involved in like the Manitoba Energy Justice Coalition, Communities Not Cuts, and emerging initiatives like Fight for $15 and a potential campaign around public transit. Recent union protests have largely been one-off actions, so if you are in a union, push for a longer-term campaign rather than one-off rallies.

  • Why is the Manitoba Left Struggling?

    Decades of neoliberalism have helped create a culture in the prairies and other parts of Canada where unions place the bulk of their “political action” on parliamentary and electoral politics. Conversations with elected union leaders in Manitoba confirmed this. One elected union leader said a core means to get rid of the Tories is “being active and being engaged and involved in the Party. Volunteering and working for them and encouraging others to do the same.”

  • The State of Manitoba’s Activist Left

    The Manitoba Progressive Conservatives under premier Brian Pallister have been implementing harsh austerity since their 2016 landslide victory, imposing emergency room and clinic closures, wage freezes, significant budget cuts, job cuts, harsh anti-labour legislation and more. Yet responses from the left have been largely muted and ineffective. Anyone who would suggest otherwise is lying to themselves.

  • Comic collection inspired by everyday heroes

    Edited by the Graphic History Collective, this compilation of comics presents readers with an alternative narrative to the dominant comic book discourse. Our militaristic, macho, male heroes are replaced with people like Québécois union activist Madeleine Parent, or Indigenous workers fighting for the land in B.C., or the women who fought hard labour battles in the retail sector.

  • Building Manitoba’s Fightback

    With the 100th anniversary of the Winnipeg General Strike approaching, now is the time to build an independent Left that is not afraid of making bold political demands in the streets regardless of who is in power.

  • Grassroots movement needed, says Labour Congress candidate Husseini

    Regardless of the Canadian Labour Congress presidential outcome, the need for a grassroots labour revival is clear. The stakes are simply too high not to rebuild from the ground up.

  • A grassroots perspective on the Québec elections

    In many respects, nothing has changed following the April 7 Québec elections. Big business remains in power, only its colour has altered from light blue to a Liberal shade of red.

  • People need to launch their own takeover bid

    The National Post state that a “rogue Québec billionaire launching takeover bid” of provincial politics, but the reality is that billionaires have already taken over, and an urgent task is for people to launch a takeover bid of their own.

  • Clearing the Indigenous Plains Today

    We discuss Canada’s history of disease, deliberate starvation, ethnic cleansing, tar sands expansion, neglect of treaties and a legacy of colonialism that continues today with author James Daschuk.

  • We All Lose in Canada’s Austerity Olympics

    The federal Conservatives continue to take part in the global austerity Olympics with their 2014 budget as fallout from the largest economic crisis since the Great Depression continues, and people and the planet are suffering as a result. Nobody wins with this approach.

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