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Macdonald Stainsby

  • From the Athabasca to Al Quds

    Israel plans to launch extreme energy projects. If these plans come to fruition, Israeli emissions from synthetic oil production could have a greater carbon intensity than bitumen into synthetic oil production in Canada.

  • A Tar Sands Partnership Agreement in the Making?

    The Tar Sands lobby, environmental astro-turfing and the global implications of Canada’s Tar Sand initiative.

  • Like the Sound of a Drum

    Peter Kulchyski, Native Studies professor at the University of Manitoba, took up this challenge through many years living in the north, most notably in the communities of Panniqtuuq, in Nunavut, as well as Fort Good Hope and Fort Simpson, in Denendeh (Northwest Territories). The results can be found in his book, Like the Sound of a Drum (University of Manitoba Press, 2001).

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