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Lia Tarachansky

  • Web Exclusive: Israel imprisons bicycler on Gaza war anniversary

    On the second anniversary of Israel’s attack on the Gaza strip an Israeli magistrate judge imprisoned an Jonathan Pollack, a central Israeli activist, for riding a bike.

  • In Their Backyard

    Indigenous lifestyles are traditionally more linked to land and water than those of the Canadian population at large. Rural communities, especially in the north and west, still depend on country (wild) foods and forestry for livelihood and medicine. Many depend on the land for spirituality and for socio-cultural reasons. From this perspective, industrial pollution has a larger impact on Aboriginal communities.

  • The Gold Bug

    Guided by resource discovery and the heavy-handed rule of the free market, the mining of gold today is “rush-mining,” much as it was a century ago. From the Indigenous lands of Brazil to those in Canada, from Tanzania to the Philippines, whenever gold is discovered, local communities are forced to migrate or attempt to adjust to the new industry. In fact, only eleven per cent of the gold mined worldwide has a practical use in technologies like biomedicine or electronics. Meanwhile, seventy per cent is used for jewellery, with the rest going to investment.

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