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Karl Nerenberg

  • De-facto voter suppression came to Canada yesterday

    The real story of the election was the emergence in this country of what we would have to call a form of voter suppression. Thousands of Canadians had a harder time casting their vote than in any other election in more than 75 years. The truth is that the Trudeau government decided to call an election in the midst of a pandemic knowing full well that campaigning and voting would be more difficult than in normal times.

  • Unwelcome to Canada

    Harper’s media-anointed star performer, Jason Kenney has shamelessly partaken in the age-old demagogic strategy of finding convenient scapegoats and mercilessly targeting them for political gain. Despite the plaudits he has earned from his near-sighted media admirers, nothing defines Kenney so much as his willingness to stoop to those tactics.

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