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Judy Haiven

  • Charting a course for the future of feminist organizing

    Thanks to writer and activist Nora Loreto’s solid research, journalism and activism, her new book, Take Back the Fight: Organizing Feminism for the Digital Age, manages to investigate what has happened to the feminist movement in Canada and beyond, and demonstrate what it will take for it to become a major force in Canadian society. This work could not be more urgent.

  • Debriefing Elsipogtog: The anatomy of a struggle

    Miles Howe broke the story about fracking and showed how far the New Brunswick government, the US company SWN Resources and the police were willing to go to open the province to fracking. Howe also demonstrated the commitment of Aboriginal people, and some white settler communities in the poorest province in Canada, to fight the destruction of their land and water.

  • Misogyny at Dal: When we are sick of being forced down the middle road of apology and contrition

    More than 70 years have passed since that class photo was taken. I look at it now and wonder if those male graduates would have posted their misogynist comments, jokes and photos to Facebook.

  • Ghomeshi Redux: Where do we go from here?

    Now that Jian Ghomeshi has been charged with five criminal offences, including sexual assault and choking, what can we learn from this case, and more importantly – what can we do to make sure this does not continue to happen?

  • Harper’s planeload to Israel

    Harper is flying to Israel with 208 people including CEOs of major corporations more than 56 representatives from various Zionist lobbying groups and private Jewish schools. What for?

  • The Legacy of Henry Morgentaler

    Morgentaler’s death gave the media the chance to love to hate anyone who colours or steps outside the lines. And Morgentaler certainly did that.

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