Our Times 3

Joyce Green

  • A Twelve-Step Program for a Post-Colonial Future

    Twelve-step programs are renowned for their ability to bring communities of sufferers of addictions and compulsive disorders together in a climate of support and respect to create personal change for a healthier life. Green and Burton propose that Canadians adopt a twelve-step program for a post-colonial future.

  • Of Trial Balloons and Hot Air: Political Mergers in the News

    The chattering classes are making much of what some claim to be a mooted prospective Liberal-NDP merger. The story is making its way onto editorial and front pages and into the priority news lineup. Is there any virtue in exploring the idea?

  • Bill C-3 is sexist, racist, and fatally flawed

    Bill C-3 was introduced by the Conservatives on March 11, 2010, ostensibly to “fix” the sex discrimination in the status registration provisions of the Indian Act pursuant to the BC Court of Appeal decision in the November 2009 McIvor case, which held that the status provisions of the Indian Act violate the equality guarantees of the Charter. If it is passed, Canada will continue to discriminate against Aboriginal women in legislation.

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