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John Ryan

  • The Ukraine crisis: Why and how it has come to this

    Retired University of Winnipeg geography professor John Ryan discusses at length the current situation in Ukraine, the political and military events unfolding there and the very immediate and dire implications for the entire European region.

  • Misinformation about Ukraine and Russia

    John Ryan dissects the radical changes taking place in the Ukraine, charting the rise of fascist elements within government.

  • Crimea’s legal right to a referendum

    Québec has exercised its right to self-determination, and there should be no reason why Crimea could not do the same.

  • Canada needs a NDP-Liberal-Green Coalition

    There is no question that Canada has a dysfunctional political system in which the views of the majority of Canadians cannot be represented by a single political party. Although almost two-thirds of Canada’s voters in the last three elections opposed the platform, policies, and philosophy of the Conservative party, it is the Conservatives who have formed the government. The majority vote was split amongst four parties, thereby thwarting the predominant will of the people and making a mockery of democracy. And this may very well continue into the future.

  • Québec Independence would not be the end of Canada

    In his argument against the possibility of Québec separating from Canada, Andrew Coyne (National Post, July 5) has presented a dooms-day scenario –“It would be the end of Canada.” Much of his argument is from the position that Québec is a province comparable to Canada’s other provinces. It is this assumption that has been at the basis of much of the turmoil in this country over the years.

  • The Syrian saga

    The Syrian situation is extremely complex this being the result of its history, its diverse ethnic groups, its long-lasting repressive regime, and compounded by a decade-long desire of the USA and other Western countries for regime change in that country. And because of the latter factor, much of the mainstream media for the past year or more have misrepresented the turmoil and conflict in Syria, almost in the way it was done in preparation for the war on Iraq.

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