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Joël Laforest

  • With his first book, Martin Lukacs delivers a devastating analysis of Trudeau’s four years in power

    Slick, brand-driven star power legitimizes the neoliberal status quo, obscuring growing inequalities as the alt-right and climate crisis loom on the horizon. This is the backdrop for Martin Lukacs’ first book, The Trudeau Formula, a comprehensive and devastating analysis of Justin Trudeau’s dazzling rise to power and the bleak realities of his government.

  • In the fight against eco-fascism, we need to politicize nature

    As the devastating effects of the climate crisis continue to be felt around the globe, global warming and its ecological consequences are now being used by fascists to justify acts of racist murder. This extreme and violent reaction to the existential problem of our time, otherwise known as eco-fascism, is apparent in the manifesto written by the El Paso shooter who murdered 22 people and injured 24 others in early August.

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