Our Times 3

Joe Roberts

  • Ontario NDP’s climate plan is too little, too late

    Now is not the time for timidity. The NDP is ostensibly the only party willing to take on a Green New Deal and make it a part of its platform. Andrea Horwath and party insiders, however, are too afraid of the cries of populism from the Liberals and Tories to give the people what they are craving. Standing with the voters isn’t populism, it is how elections are won. And winning, well that’s good politics.

  • Poverty is the result of policy decisions—but we have the power to end it

    Poverty is the product of policy decisions. When elected officials give billions of dollars in handouts to multinational conglomerates or nearly a trillion dollars to the big banks in liquidity support, they are making choices of their own. They are saying that the one in five children living in poverty by no choice of their own in Canada are less important to them than shareholder profits.

  • The case for a wealth tax in Canada has never been clearer

    The fabric of our society is dependent on some semblance of equity and the issue of wealth inequality has been the demise of monarchs and empires. A progressive wealth tax may be the only policy that can prevent Canadian society from completely unraveling. Is the danger of doing nothing to appease the tiny fraction of Canadians with extreme wealth who will be affected worth the risk? We cannot afford to find out.

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