Our Times 3

James Hutt

  • The rise and fall of the Green Party

    In 2019, the Greens were a rising threat to the New Democratic Party and looked like they could even overtake it within a few election cycles. Now, after a series of bizarre and self-destructive decisions, the GPC looks like it will be all but wiped out following the next federal election. Meanwhile, its decline poses an challenge for the NDP and those demanding climate action from electoral parties.

  • A year for fare-free transit

    Fare-free transit is an essential part of the solution to the combined crises of climate change and inequality. However, we can and should dream much bigger. A Green New Deal could provide the framework within which to demand the transit system we deserve: everything from nationalized electric-bus companies to the return of inter-city transit, to high-speed rail and, of course, free transit.

  • Pushing back on Canada’s war on drug users

    Every night that Overdose Prevention Ottawa ran its illegal supervised injection site, we opened with a ritual: a moment of silence for everyone we’d lost to the war on drug users and to recognize the shit disturbers who came before us — those who made our work possible. In his book Fighting for Space: How a Group of Drug Users Transformed One City’s Struggle with Addiction, Travis Lupick tells the story of those organizers and their incredible impact.

  • Why Canada’s overdose crisis is getting worse

    Even as dozens of supervised injection sites open across the country, there are still massive holes in Canada’s drugs policy. It’s not enough to simply expand a medical system that sees and treats people who use drug as criminals. Instead of making it harder to get drugs, we need to make it easier—and cleaner and safer.

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