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J.W. Horton

  • Communist love in the time of capitalist doom

    We are well trained in our culture not to speak of communism and love in the same breath, or indeed, of any kind of politics and love in the same breath, but Richard Gilman-Opalsky, author of The Communism of Love, defies this taboo; he cuts through the nonsensical idea of love as necessarily apolitical, and is especially against the idea of love as something to be isolated in the tiny ghetto of the romantic-erotic duo.

  • God or Mammon?

    The title of this both intelligent and highly accessible book made me suspect it would simply advocate an anti-capitalist theology and present a vision of Jesus as a socialist. But in effect, Jesus and the Politics of Mammon by Hollis Phelps, does something a little different than simply presenting a socialist Christ.

  • Critiquing capitalist spirituality

    Ronald Purser’s new book, McMindfulness: How Mindfulness Became the New Capitalist Spirituality is a strong account of the commodification of mindfulness by the market, and presents a stunning takedown of a mindfulness that has been hijacked and manipulated by capitalist culture to neuter its political potential and make it useful to the corporate world.

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