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J.F. Conway

  • The arctic voyage of the Crystal Serenity

    Environmentalists, characterized by the captain as those with “big doctorates who criticize everything,” denounced the voyage. One referred to it as “extinction tourism,” since Arctic wildlife species are at imminent risk of disappearance. Others noted the ominous implications for the future of one of the last pristine environments left on the planet.

  • The working class: Saskatchewan’s political orphan

    When Brad Wall’s Saskatchewan Party swept to power in 2007 the working class and its trade unions were already defeated, unwilling and unprepared to fight back. Wall commenced an assault on labour, rewriting all labour laws in a pro-capitalist direction and effectively banning strikes in the public sector. Wall essentially dared unions to go on strike.

  • Sky darkens for sunshine premier

    Despite his glorious history making third term (finally humbling the CCF/NDP, the former natural governing party of the province), Wall’s fresh mandate in office has quickly become a nightmare. The next years look ugly and Wall will bear the responsibility, just as he eagerly took credit for the boom times he squandered during his first two terms.

  • Brad Wall: Sunshine premier makes history

    The bricks for Wall’s structural realignment were laid from the 1970s to the 1990s. The class structure of rural Saskatchewan changed dramatically, characterized by a rapid growth of larger and larger farms, whose owners developed a clear market-oriented/capitalist ideology, and a rapid decline of middle level farmers, the rural base of the traditional CCF/NDP coalition

  • How about a memorial to the victims of Harperism?

    Today there are no dangerous communists in Canada to crush. All our prime minister has to crush are “lone-wolf, home-grown, and radicalized” terrorists: psychologically deranged individuals who tie their delusional system to mad, suicidal acts of targeted revenge at the behest of Islamic State propagandists.

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