Our Times 3

Henry Heller

  • Protesting the Capitalist University

    Yet as I walk the line in the bitter cold talking with chemists, social workers, sociologists, accounting professors it occurs to me that we are in the end the university and that management is in the end the product of an ongoing usurpation of both labour and knowledge. Next week I will lecture on this in an improvised teach-in on the picket line. Learning must go on.

  • Seeds of ISIS terror sown by Western hegemony

    Bizarre as it is, this fanatical and reactionary movement is bent on chasing the imperialist West as well as Russia out of Arab lands. From the midst of the millions of Arabs brought to Europe as workers, ISIS has been able to recruit a few to bring the war home to the West.

  • Canada’s 1960s

    Canada in the 1960s was deeply affected by the civil rights and anti-war struggles in the United States. It was likewise caught up in the anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist movements that swept the world. But in this new and commanding work, Bryan Palmer demonstrates that Canada had its own 1960s which left a deep mark on our history.

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