Harry Kopyto

  • The NDP needs to frontline a Green New Deal this election

    While the likes of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are fiercely challenging the U.S. imperium with a dramatic vision without even the merest existence of a labour party, our own NDP, with its superior connection to organized labour, treads softly in confronting the corporate agenda. Why can’t the visionary boldness of a Tommy Douglas inform the NDP in this critical moment?

  • Introducing the Courage Coalition

    Campaigning on some of these items, Courage has made itself an attractive force. At the federal NDP convention last year in Ottawa, the group was a major presence in debates over democratization and Palestinian rights. In Ontario, the Coalition was key to the election of left-wing ONDP MPP Joel Harden in Ottawa Centre. Courage also helped elect an Edmonton city councillor, and is in the process of identifying left NDP candidates in the upcoming federal election to “endorse” and actively support.

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