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Hannes Černy

  • With Afghanistan fiasco, Canada’s ‘feminist’ foreign policy lies in pieces

    Two and a half months after the fall of Kabul, the situation in Afghanistan could not be more dire. With the totalitarian Taliban reign among the most misogynist the contemporary world has seen, Afghanistan is a litmus test not only for any feminist foreign policy but for human rights in general. If Canada continues to abandon those women and young girls whose minds, dreams, and aspirations it has helped shape, it forfeits all moral authority.

  • What’s the point of voting NDP?

    Instead of playing the game by the Liberals’ rules, the NDP should be straight with its voters: get us to 40 seats and we’ll get you a fairer tax system, a green economy, and electoral reform on top of it all. What’s more, an NDP blocking minority would change Canadian politics for good, as it has the potential of transforming its political culture, making it more democratic and collaborative.

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