Our Times 3

Gregory Shupak

  • US and Western allies must change their Syria policy

    Citizens in Western states must keep up and intensify the pressure they are putting on their governments to accept more Syrian refugees. This is particularly important in vast, wealthy countries whose responses to the crisis have been pathetic, such as the United States and Canada.

  • A Disaster Waiting to Happen

    Given that the U.S. elite has interests in the Middle East that are far from humanitarian, and given the continued power of ISIS, extreme credulity is required to believe that the many civilians killed by the U.S.-led coalition in Iraq and Syria are the necessary costs of defeating ISIS.

  • “Obedience is the problem”: Don’t let legal wrangling distract from Occupy’s

    Those of us who consider ourselves part of that which is variously named Occupy Together or Occupy Everywhere ought to refuse this shift to a discussion about legal minutia. To engage in such debates is to implicitly accept that municipal bylaws, or indeed constitutional rights, are the sole or the main arbiter’s of a political movement’s justification.

  • “The process is the message”

    Mainstream analysis of the Occupy Together movement has been marked by a dramatic albeit predictable failure of the imagination.

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