Greg Shupak

  • The ‘new Cold War’ and the hegemony of global capitalism

    A double-barrelled ‘new Cold War’ is on, with the US-led empire of capital on one side and its rivals in China on one front and Russia on the other. The Canadian ruling class has enthusiastically enlisted to fight alongside its American partners. This camp has been the primary instigators of tensions with China and Russia that could culminate in a disastrous war between major world powers.

  • After the ceasefire: What’s next for Palestine

    The present moment should be read dialectically: on the one hand, imperialist states like the US, Canada, and the EU regard Israel as a valuable asset and will continue providing it with decisive support. On the other, popular and anti-imperialist forces are ratcheting up the struggle, as massive crowds turned out for Palestine across much of the Western world last month.

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