Gerald Caplan

  • Why isn’t Harper’s record on democracy an election issue?

    I wish every Canadian knew that the Council of Canadians and the Voices analyses existed, and took a few minutes to check them out online. But maybe I’m dead wrong. Maybe most Canadians couldn’t care less that their democratic rights have been trampled for the past nine years and are certain to be abused even further if Mr. Harper is re-elected.

  • Harper takes on Environmental Terrorists

    Soon after the 2011 election, with his majority government at last in hand, Prime Minister Harper decided that nothing, but nothing, was more important to Canada’s entire future than a pipeline to carry oil from Alberta to the Pacific. This came as a shock to many Canadians, first because it hadn’t been raised in the election, second because many believe that to combat global warming we must reduce, not expand, our reliance on fossil fuels.

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