Gary Leupp

  • The Tweet President

    Trump has displayed a vindictive nature. It is the flip-side of his insistence on loyalty, one manifestation of his egocentrism. He has famously insisted on his need to punch back against every attack, often responding to principled criticism with infantile, schoolyard-bully taunts and crude insinuations. In contrast he responds to sycophants with patronizing benevolence.

  • The Revival of the Working-Class Concept

    The polarization in the country following the Trump electoral victory is not what Karl Marx called the “class struggle.” But it reflects an underlying class struggle which is a real thing, surely, in this country and globally. This struggle between capitalists and workers has never been totally eclipsed by struggles over anything else, including those involving “culture wars” and ethnic identity.

  • The US Election: an Exercise in Mendacity

    The Trump supporter thinks, what difference does it make if he makes up stories about Muslims? The Clinton supporter asks (with increasing indignation towards the questioner), what difference does it make if she lied about her emails, and about Benghazi, and got her party’s nomination through the machinations of mendacious people like Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

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