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Federico Fuentes

  • Nationalisation puts wealth in hands of the Bolivian people

    Viewed as a whole, the measures taken to recover sovereignty over Bolivia’s economy have meant that the state has become the central player in the national economy. Today, more of Bolivia’s wealth stays in Bolivia and is used to expand the internal market, promote industrialiszation, and stimulate the communitarian sector.

  • From Rebellion to Reform in Bolivia

    Given that the Evo Morales government recently celebrated its 2000th day in power–a feat in its own right for a country that has had around 180 coups since 1825–any serious attempt to explain the underlying dynamics of this decade long political process should be welcomed.

  • Venezuela’s economic woes?

    Venezuelan business federation Fedecamaras warned on May 5 that Venezuela faces an “economic and social crisis”. The federation helped organize a 2002 military coup against Chavez that briefly installed Federcamaras leader Pedro Carmona president before a mass uprising restored Chavez.

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