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Eric Strikwerda

  • Alberta’s draft curriculum will make the province a laughingstock

    The United Conservative Party has already made Alberta a bumbling laughingstock, with its ‘war room’ attacking children’s cartoons, its massive investment in a pipeline to nowhere, its war on doctors and nurses in the middle of a pandemic, and its bungled response to the pandemic itself. Adding in an error-riddled social studies curriculum that would find a nice home in 1950 seems entirely on-brand.

  • Sir John A. comes tumbling down—Alberta’s Jason Kenney wants to raise him back up again

    Kenney’s position is a perplexing one for a self-described defender of western interests to take. John A. Macdonald was in fact no friend to the west. Strangely, the Alberta premier appears set to champion the very architect of the historical west’s subservient position as little more than a colony of central Canada’s financial interests.

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