Elizabeth Leier

  • Is Canada Driving ‚ÄúSurveillance Capitalism‚ÄĚ?

    Artificial intelligence is not just a harmless technological fad. This new technology is being used to fuel unethical capitalism and discourage dissent. Allowing it to be developed unquestioningly within Canada is ethically problematic.

  • The assassination of Qassim Suleimani and the march to war

    As we consider the immense dangers that surround a prospective war with Iran, it is of vital importance to denounce the lies and fabrications currently peddled to justify it. Moreover, in light of the powerful interests that are pushing for this latest conflict in the Middle East, it is essential to harness the collective and civil opposition needed to stop this insane war.

  • Leaked OPCW document sheds light on disinformation surrounding Syrian civil war

    The disinformation surrounding the Syrian civil war appears to have been lifted from the Iraq/Afghanistan playbook. It is all the more disgraceful that the media that participated in selling those wars (now recognized as catastrophic failures) is engaging in the same manipulative tactics to encourage ongoing suffering and destabalization in Syria. Exposing the truth of the conflict demonstrates how this war lines up, yet again, with a long pattern of regime change interventionism in the Middle East.

  • UK election: Media elitism and its threat to progressive change

    The people who stand to gain the most from leaders like Corbyn and Sanders are being fed increasingly ruthless lies about these candidates by the elites who fear their progressive policies. The extent to which the democratic process is being hijacked by these monopoly interests in deeply troubling and should be a focal point of public debate.

  • The Persecution of Julian Assange and its Implications for Canadian Press Freedom

    The case to extradite Julian Assange to the United States seems to have little to do with Canadians at first glance, however, the truth is that this unprecedented challenge to press and democratic freedom concerns all of us. If publishers can be prosecuted for publishing verified information, then the ability to accurately report on national security, foreign policy and war with a critical lens will be effectively prohibited.

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