Our Times 3

Elizabeth Comack

  • Reproducing Order

    In its interim Report, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TR C) noted that “Canadians have been denied a full and proper education as to the nature of Aboriginal societies. They have not been well informed about the nature of the relationship that was established initially between Aboriginal and non- Aboriginal peoples and the way that relationship has been shaped over time by colonialism and racism.”

  • “If You Want to Change Violence in the ‘Hood, You Have to Change the ‘Hood”

    In the summer of 2009, at a funeral in Winnipeg’s North End following a gang-related drive-by shooting, two of us were approached by members of a North End street gang. They wanted to talk. Too often the voices of the people who have intimate knowledge of, and are integral to, the problems in Winnipeg’s inner city are not heard. Our report endeavours to give a voice to these six Aboriginal men.

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