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Dylan Roberts

  • Media discourse and the Cuban question

    The breadth and incisiveness of Lamrani’s research is on display, as before. And yet – or therefore – the author slips at times into the role of apologist. Fair enough, when deployed in the right argument – but here it only saps the book of its force.

  • The dehumanizing power of institutions

    The valuable glimpses here are at once both personal and mundane, drawing parallels between the drudgery of suburban, workaday life and the grinding prison routine – a window into what the author terms “the dehumanizing power of institutions”.

  • Journalism

    To lament the subjective truth of art is, for Sacco, to miss the point.

  • Digital Disconnect How Capitalism Is Turning the Internet Against Democracy

    Digital Disconnect seeks to strip away this benign patina by challenging the notion that the internet is fundamentally apolitical.

  • Thieves of Bay Street

    Even if the occasional sob story comes off feeling a bit caricatured, the book succeeds in avoiding a descent into histrionics.

  • Harper’s Hitlist

    Were it not so immediate, this shift to an ideologically-driven politics and civil service might seem like the stuff of a bleak Dickensian satire.

  • Neoliberalism and Everyday Life

    Joining the chorus of Canadian voices offering alternative economic prescriptions and critiques in the wake of the 2008 economic crisis, the contributors to Neoliberalism and Everyday Life offer one of the more sweeping and varied contributions to date.

  • Feminism: down but not out

    Both a call to arms and a guide towards broader points of redress for the hard times within Canadian women’s movements.

  • On the lighter side

    William Deverell’s Snow Job and Martin Duberman’s Haymarket.

  • Reviews: Vancouver’s east side

    Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside is never far from the news.

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