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Doug Nesbitt

  • Grocery’s long war: Part II

    Following the corporate attacks of the 1980s and 1990s, and their attending defeats, grocery workers across the country ended the century in a workplace radically different from the one that existed several decades earlier. Workers who spent years making careers at supermarkets watched as their former world unraveled in a few short years and was replaced by a new low-wage, low-benefit, part-time reality.

  • Why Trudeau is no friend of labour

    Look out for more Liberal failures on rail and food safety, P3 infrastructure projects, corporate theft and mass layoffs. Labour won’t get anywhere by accepting Trudeau’s sugar-coated crumbs because when push comes to shove, the big money interests that have always backed up the Liberals will get the whole pie.

  • If you win the wars at home, there’ll be no fighting anymore

    The real history of the wars proves quite conclusively that what rights and democracy we do have in Canada emerged from the struggles of workers, women, farmers, and immigrants against war profiteering, government collusion with big business, and widespread abuses of state power during the wars.

  • Alberta: NDP wins… now let’s organize!

    Albertans don’t have to repeat the mistakes and duplicate the experiences of the NDP in Ontario and Nova Scotia where one-term governments were not pushed by movements on the ground, eventually turned rightward and introduced anti-worker legislation, and were then ousted by the some of the country’s most radical anti-labour right-wing governments.

  • Austerity Strangles Ontario: the TA strikes in Context

    Bringing together these strikes with the burgeoning OPS contract fight, and showing up at OPSEU’s numerous rallies and info pickets, Ontario workers can begin to build some real solidarity and power capable of taking on the Liberals.

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