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David McLaren

  • F-35: $30 Billion Dollar Boondoggle

    $18 billion, $30 billion–what’s a few zeros among politicians, eh? I don’t know about you, but in these post-recession penny pinching times, an extra zero or two makes a big difference when I’m trying to balance the household budget.

  • A modest proposal for creating a growth economy: The merits of investing in crime

    The G20 have been scratching their heads about how to recover from the Great Recession and create jobs in stalled economies. They could do worse than taking a page from the policy book of the Harper Government, as the Canadian Government is now known, and invest in crime.

  • America’s Heart of Darkness

    America is grieving, although you’d never know it with all the pointing fingers.

  • Web Exclusive: The 3Rs of Theo-cons: Religious, Right, and Rude

    If there was any doubt that the Religious Right was alive and well and living in Canada, a recent column by a fellow by the name of Dennis Thompsett in the Owen Sound Sun Times should put that doubt to rest.

  • The Fence

    The Fence was almost as high as my house. It might have been made by Frost, but not by Robert, who once spent a day with his neighbour mending the wall between them. Frost’s neighbour had but one thought: “good fences make good neighbours.” But Frost wondered what they were walling in, or who out, and to whom their fence might be giving offence. And so did I. “Something there is that doesn’t love a wall.” That’s for sure. In Toronto in June 2010 it was about 3 million people.

  • Web exclusive:Witness to the Saturday Protests

    I can still remember, as an undergrad, the debate at York University about the War Measures Act in 1972. That will give you some idea of my age and that I am not a black-shirted anarchist.

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